Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Can’t Wait to Read

Diane’s “Top Ten Books I Can’t Wait to Read”

In no particular order – I want to read all of these!
1) The Kite Runner:
I’ve heard nothing but good things about The Kite Runner.
2) Never Let Me Go:
This book has already appeared on one of my list and rightfully so. I can’t wait to see the film – but I want to read the book first!
3) The Buddha of Suburbia:
Probably the number one book I can’t wait to read!
4) Life of Pi:
Just bought this book off of Amazon. I’ve recently been really into literature regarding the Indian culture.
5) Fahrenheit 451:
Ray Bradbury’s classic novel.
6) The Road:
I’ve picked this up once before and couldn’t get into it. I’m inspired to try again…
7) A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius:
Oh David Eggers, you can do no wrong. I assume this story will be a bit different from his other work – but nonetheless, I’m looking forward to it.
8) Everything is Illuminated:
I loved “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” – I’m excited to read another piece by Foer.
9) They Say I Say:
What can I say? I am going to be an English teacher, therefore a grammar/writing book is on my list. I’m actually really looking forward to reading this. It might be one of the next books I read.
10) The Book Thief:
I cannot wait to read this book. I’m very interested in books regarding the Holocaust and I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about this story. I am hoping to read this by the end of Summer!

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