Posted in August 2010

Rosemary’s Baby

Author: Ira Levin My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Prior to reading this novel, I truthfully had no knowledge of the plot line. I was aware that Mia Farrow starred in Roman Polanski’s screen adaption; however, that was the height of my familiarity. After finishing the 254 page story in 3 days, I must … Continue reading

My Favorite Pastime

Despite being an avid movie buff – sometimes you just have to kick back and relax with a book. Notice that I didn’t say “relax with a great book”. I point this out because every time I read for pleasure, I sit down in hopes that what I’ve just opened will be great. Not many … Continue reading

>The Glass Castle

> Author: Jeannette WallsMy Rating: 3 out of 5 stars   What’s so intriguing about this story is that it’s true.  The story is full of ups and downs – ultimately retelling the events of Jeannette Walls’ life (most of which, I couldn’t believe). After reading this memoir, I took some time to reflect on my own life. … Continue reading